First Time Dissecting a Cadaver

Today, I saw my first cadaver that I will cut.  It was a 91-year-old woman.  First I passed by another group’s cadaver and I had a little chill run up my spine as soon as I saw their corpse’s head, but it disappeared within seconds.  However when I went to the body that my group and I were to cut, I was ready to dissect.  Our group was divided in half; one half was to dissect and the other were to read the instruction.  We got through the skin, and went into the subcutaneous layer.  Our corpse was old and she hardly had any fat.  I didn’t feel like as if I was dissecting a human instead, I felt like dissecting a frog or an animal from high school, in Biology lab.  I took my turn as I cut certain amount of skin and scraped off fat from the body. 
We all wore either white lab coats or scrubs.  Apparently the head office in Chicago forgot to tell us to bring our own latex gloves.  I had a box of them in America, and now I regret not bringing them along.  Now I have to buy them from here and I know I’ll be paying more than if I had bought them from America.

Finally Medical School

I finally reached medical school Alhumdulillah.  I have been dreaming for this moment for a while now.  I’m in Bonaire at the moment and all I can say is, this is gonna be an interesting year.  The school’s aesthetics are not that great but when I stepped inside the classroom had everything required to gain a medical education.  I didn’t apply to a US medical school because of all the time I would’ve wasted just trying to get a seat there.  One of the schools I wanted to go to in Georgia, is MCG (medical college of Georgia); however, that school is very competitive.  That school accepts 100 out of 20,000 applicants per year.  Since MCG is a government school the cost of tuition isn’t that high, about $7,000 per year.

I was also invited to go to Loyola Medical School in Chicago, IL. I was given an opportunity to have a guaranteed seat in their medical school but declined because of the mount of money that I would have to pay.

It’s been two and a half weeks and already I see drama.  Some students don’t like other students, others are snobby, etc.   I’m going to try my best to keep this blog updated through out my medical school years.  Perhaps any of you readers who are planning to go into the medical field can gain some information from my writings.

Currently this is my first semester and I have Anatomy with labs, Histology, Embryology, and Medical Ethics.  Studying for all these subjects is stressful.  I’m on my break right now so I’m writing this post, lets see how it goes.