Where to Get your Car’s Emission Test Done in Illinois

If you come from a US State where your car must pass the emission test in order to renew your vehicle registration then you should read this post.  On your license plate, on the top right, you need a new sticker every year, which represents passing the emission test.

If you have family or anyone else who can take care of your vehicle’s registration from your home state then you can do your emission test here in Illinois and send the paperwork back home to get the sticker for your license plate.

For Illinois registered cars, the emission test is free but for out-of-state registered vehicles, the price is $20 in cash. Make sure you have cash because they do not accept any other forms of payment.

I went to the testing station at:
1850 Webster Ave.
Chicago , IL 60614

I went in the main office and asked for a volunteer emission test for an out-of-state vehicle, and paid $20 in cash. They went out to get my car’s license plate number and the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number). Then they got the rest of the information such as my house address and other minor information in my home state and gave me a voucher. Then I took my car to the opposite side of the office and gave my voucher to the person who conducts the test and got my car’s emission tested; and passed.

You can find other testing locations at the Air Team Illinois website.