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It’s unfortunate that some people get emotional when they see something that they may not agree with. I just want to let you know that whatever information I post, I either experience it personally or I see my peers experience it or my peers give me advice from their experiences. I do not write false information for fun, because I take time out of my day to write these post so be mindful of that. No school or company endorses me for writing these posts. I only offer this blog to help others, I’m not here to get insulted.

Happy New Year, Good-Bye 2014 and Welcome 2015

It’s a new year, and I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since this blog was created.  This blog has grown and it has become a central piece in guidance to not only SJSM students, but for other international students.  This blog’s existence has been spread out via word of mouth. 

Please support this blog
My medical school career will end eventually and I may not have things to write about.  If I can residency (God willing), I will start writing about my residency experience and how I approach that. In the mean time I urge you, my readers, to constantly check this blog for updates, or follow me on twitter, and you will get updates automatically.
I don’t ask for donations, because the site is self supported.  I’m not here to make excessive money, I’m here to share my experiences so you wouldn’t be as long as I was.  I want this blog to continue to help others but the only way this will continue is with your support.  I urge you to tell more and more people about this blog and all that this site can offer.
I will diversify this blog even more; therefore, I added Smart Living section.  This section will be where I talk about ways to save money, make money, and other tips of living well.

I Apologize for Not Replying to your Emails

Dear readers,

I came across my email account and I found out that I haven’t received the emails that you sent. I got access to my account [email protected] recently and it looks as if a lot of people emailed me asking me questions and I didn’t respond. I am extremely sorry and I will reply to those emails as soon as I can. I know it looked as if I ignored your emails but I didn’t, I just didn’t receive them till I checked my email settings.

If you want prompt answers, which can be public, then please ask me your question on the comment box under the article related to your question. Thank you.