No More SJSM Bonaire Campus

So what started in 2013 is about to be completed.  The debate of if Bonaire campus closing is finally here.  SJSM has confirmed it from their website.  At least students now don’t have to worry about the mistreatments by the locals.  During my stay there, the Bonaire locals gave me a hard time even when I did follow their rules.  Of course not all locals were like that, there are few from the rest that were very polite and nice.

This is bad news for the Bonaire economy but good news for St. Vincent, as the students bring in about $10 million a year as I heard when I was a student there.  I’m sure it’s more now with the new campus on St. Vincent and expanded class size.

SJSM St. Vincent has a sole campus built from ground up.  As of 2015, the school will be 15 years old clearing its way to apply for California whenever they apply for it.