Guide Others After Getting Residency

One of the most frustrating things I came up with is there is not much guidance when applying for residency.  SJSM does a good job in guiding the ECFMG and ERAS process but they stay silent when it comes to licensing questions.  SJSM encourages to research States that will offer residency licenses to their students.

I think the best thing for you is to research which programs Saint James students got residency in in order to increase your chances to get matched there.  Not only that you should also consider programs with students from other Caribbean medical schools who matched there; such schools as Windsor, MUA, AUA, St. Matthews.  Ross, SGU, AUC, and Saba are the big four and they have full accreditation of all 50 states, in addition they have a giant alumni network.

The problem with SJSM is that a lot of students graduate in different years and they do not keep in touch with the Alumni network.  Do to that, they do not care about any graduation ceremony. Fortunately, SJSM’s alumni network is growing and I encourage everyone to be part of the network.

If you are a SJSM alumni who matched, then please call SJSM office at their office, and leave your contact information with them so if any recent graduates needs guidance, they can call you.

I encourage all of you from Windsor, MUA, AUA, St. Matthews, and other schools which I don’t know of, to guide new graduates from your respected schools.

Congratulations to the SJSM Students Who Matched for 2015

It’s a huge success to SJSM due to the growing number of students who matched for the 2015 residency year.  The list is getting bigger every year as the school is expanding.  As the students are being dispersed to different states the Saint James School of Medicine is started to be familiarized with residency programs.

NOTE: As you can see SJSM always gets a high number of students matching in Illinois so, it’s better for you to target to match in Illinois.  It would be nice if SJSM established an official alumni network so, future SJSM students can get tips on what to do and what not to do.  Until then I guess this blog will be the center of guidance.

The number of people who matched is more than this list.  The people from this list gave permission to publish their names online. According to the SJSM website there are more than 45 students.

  • Tyler Clark, Family Medicine, WA
  • Emily Drake, Family Medicine, Canada
  • Lidya Golub, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Brian Malki, Anesthesiology, MI
  • Pamela Milano, Family Medicine, IL
  • Anshul Acharya, Family Medicine, LA
  • Veronica Acosta, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Talha Baloch, Psychiatry, IL
  • Quang Cao, Family Medicine, WI
  • Mayada Elian, Family Medicine, PA
  • Thalia Kamel, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Eric Lessard, Family Medicine, SC
  • Robyn Lovitt, Family Medicine, OK
  • Mohammad Luqman, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Daniel Mendrek, Family Medicine, Canada
  • Saad Mohsin, Family Medicine, WI
  • Mohammad Moiz, Family Medicine, IL
  • Faraaz Nayemuddin, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Michael Randazzo, Internal Medicine, MI
  • Syed Zia-ur Rehman Shah, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Noah Simon, Family Medicine, IL
  • Habeeba Sirajuddin, Family Medicine, IL
  • Seth Sturdivant, Family Medicine, IL

Hopefully next year, the list will be longer than this.  As the need for more doctors are being demanded in Congress to make up for the new Obamacare, students are like us can fill the demand.

If you are a current SJSM student on the island, take this list as a reminder that you will soon reach this position.  Study smart and work hard and you will get into residency in no time.

    Greetings from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    Camille is starting SJSM in St. Vincent island for the summer semester; she already there and she sent some pictures of the island and SJSM’s building.
    I’ve safely arrived at Saint Vincent and am astounded at its beauty. The hills are great, a few of the Grenadines are visible, and the people are friendly. The party never stops here!
    The first few days has been a mix of excitement and anxiety, but I am almost fully settled in and ready to start the MD program at Saint James. I can’t wait to meet the other students and hopefully find a roommate..
    Thank you for all of your support during this transition, and we’ll keep in touch.
    P.S. I’ve attached some photos for you to enjoy!
    Camille Renee, BSc.
    Saint James School of Medicine

    Pictures from St. Vincent and the Grenadines Island

    Pictures of the Saint James School of Medicine Building in Construction