PDI Videos for Block 2

PDI is a challenging class in MD4; it requires you to take whatever you learned in the previous semesters and use it altogether; PDI stands for Physical Diagnosis Introduction & Clinical Medicine so you can see why it’s hard, now we’re entering the clinical arena.  There are no notes to copy from. Dr. P speaks, and it’s your job to take notes or record his lectures on an audio device.  I have found it kind of challenging to get the attention I need with our big class of 60 people. The class is divided in to 2 groups; each group takes turn surrounding the gurney while the instructor teaches the concepts of examination.  Thank GOD for the internet; I’ve found videos online to help me in PDI.  I have gathered them to a playlist and it’s displayed below; the concepts the videos show are taught in class and if you watch them over and over again then you’ll get very familiar with the examinations. If we have to learn any new concept in class for block 2, then I will update the playlist below with new videos.

The videos include shifting dullness, fluid wave, Murphy’s sign, Rovsing’s sign, and rebound tenderness.

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Physical Diagnosis Video: Back Examination

I found PDI videos for those who are getting ready to go into clinicals. I’m taking PDI class right now in MD4 and the video below covers what we are currently discussing in class. These videos are very helpful because there are so many students in class and the instructor cannot give attention to all of us.

Topics Covered – Palpation of the Back
– Costal Vertebral Tenderness
– Posterior Chest Excursion
– Speaking “99” to feel the Vibration for tactile fremitus
– Percussion: Tympani, Resonance, Dullness, Flatness
– Auscultation/Inspections of the Lungs