Benefits of Medical Video Lectures

Reading medicine is no fun, I can tell you that from experience, but 70% of the time you have to read in order to comprehend the medical concepts.

The USMLE is no joke, and you shouldn’t just pass the test, but also get a high score. I have spoken to some students and they found that USMLE Kaplan videos, DIT videos, and PASS videos help a lot not only for class, but also for the preparation for the boards. While doing your basic sciences you should get a hold of these videos, which gives a video lecture on all the subjects tested for the USMLE. I found this web site which sells these videos with everything included. The Kaplan videos are in digital format on a hard drive for $249; the PASS program videos are $99. What’s so great about these videos is that you can pause, think, and learn. You can learn medical concepts at your own pace; if you miss something while the instructor is lecturing in the video, then you can go back to what he/she said. Check out the following videos.

Doctor’s In Training (DIT) Intro
This is from the DIT website. The CEO of DIT gives a detailed info about their teaching plans.

Kaplan Medical Video (Pharmacology Sample Video)
I found this online, and it’s a little part of the Pharmacology course series.

Falcon Review
(Updated 05/09/10)

In my opinion I would prefer DIT or Kaplan videos over Falcon because with Falcon videos there too many objects in the screen to get distracted with. With DIT or Kaplan it’s simple straight forward so you can focus.