Saint James School of Medicine 2013 Match

This year, Saint James School of Medicine has a very high number of people matching in the national match program.  SJSM posted the list on their website.  How many applied for the match is unknown but apparently there are 28 people who pre-matched/matched. Other than Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residency programs, there are individuals who matched in Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Neurology, OB/GYN, General Surgery; I bolded the competitive specialties.

So the next time you ask yourself if you can get a residency in the US by going to SJSM, just look at the list and be motivated.

I know at least 7 people personally who are on the list and I’ve seen most of them on the island going to class, studying, and partying, and so keep your chin up and work hard. One of them just texted me saying that by God willing, that I will be where he is soon.

So for those who are on the islands, Bonaire or Anguilla, or who are in clinical clerkships or studying for Step 1, just remember to work hard and soon you will reach your goal.