Residency Preparation and Checklist

Whenever you are getting ready for residency, keep in mind that it’s going to be a lot of work.  I’m still trying to get my studying as I still need to take care of my board exams.  Also, taking the exam and getting the scores back in time is going to be an issue because it’s better for the residency programs to have all of your USMLE scores in their hands by the time of the application.  Also, make sure to get your letters of recommendation (LORs) very early, do not delay on that because attending doctors take forever to write them.
So far this is what my check list looks like.
  1. Get ERAS Token
  2. Get NMRP Token 
  3. Get AAMC ID; it’s usually the same as the MCAT for those who took the test before medical school.
  4. Get USMLE Transcripts
  5. Get MSPE (Deans Letter from school)
  6. Create a resume for residency program directors
  7. Letters of recommendation
  8. Write a personal statement
  9. Research on states that accept SJSM graduates
  10. Research residency programs
  11. Call up residency programs to see if they would accept my credentials
  12. Apply for ECFMG certification