How to Group Chat with iPhone and Android Together

You know working in the hospital allows you to work with different students with different interests.  One of the differences of interest is the type of devices you have to use in order to communicate.  Some students have an Android device while others have an iPhone device.  And group texting is a pain when majority of the people you group text has an iPhone and there is one or two persons who have an android.
iPhone’s iMessage allows anyone with an iPhone to group text on 4G or Wi-fi and it’s simpler.  It doesn’t work for someone Android devices.  Therefore there is this app for both iOS and Android called “WhatsApp”.  This app allows people with any device to group text or group chat together and share files flawlessly.
This works via data so if you have a data plan or wi-fi then this would be perfect for your use.  This app was very useful in terms of getting groups together during my internal medicine rotation.  Internal medicine by itself is intense and requires alot of attention and so you don’t have time to deal with other things.  You also need constant communication with your team to get the work done before your attending doctor shows up for rounds.
Also, I’m not getting paid to promote this app, I’m just writing this post in order to help the medical students be more efficient during rotations.