Canadian Citizens Should Not Go to Caribbean Medical Schools

From my observation, I have seen a lot of Canadian students fall in despair because they do not have American citizenship or US Green card.  After they do all their basic science classes and clinical clerkships they realize that being a legal US resident would give them an upper hand.   All residency programs will choose American medical graduates than any other, and then they’ll look at non-American graduates that already has US citizenship or a green card.  Sponsoring J-1 visas require a lot of paperwork and fees and most residency programs will do their best avoid that by avoiding applicants that need it.

Unless you score extremely high on the USMLE tests, or have inside connection to the residency director, you will have a hard time getting a residency if you are a Canadian citizen.  The Caribbean medical schools were initially created for US citizens who couldn’t get a seat at a US medical school.

If you are a Canadian citizen, I strongly recommend you try to get into a Canadian or a US medical school.  If you are already in a Caribbean medical school, then the only option is to find a way to get a US green card or a US citizenship.  I have seen one medical student marry a US citizen (not a good idea) in order achieve that, but I’m sure there are many couples who did that.  If you do marry a US citizen, you can tell your US citizen partner that your country can give free healthcare since both of you can benefit (JOKE!) =D.

Bonaire’s Immigration Office is a Pain

Immigration is a pain in the butt. One lady in one booth instructs that I have to do this and that and another lady tells me I didn’t have to do all that and the third lady tells me she doesn’t have time to explain things. With this new system the Bonarians found an excuse not to work for this week. They are making me getting back my Nafl 1000, which is around $600, a brutal pain. I got hold of the exit form which I need seven or eight stamps; and it’s all in Dutch. I took the liberty to translate it for those who need it. Just follow the words and numbers once you get the form from the immigration office.  The numbers are not on the form, I only added them to easily connect between the English and Dutch words.    New students who are coming in January 2011 will NOT have to go through this.  This unprofessional conduct will end this year.  Good luck!

Dutch Version
1. Eilandontvanger Bonaire
2. Afdeling Burgerzaken i.o
3. namens het hoofd van afdeling Burgerzaken geef ik u kennis van het voornemen van definitief vertrak van:
4. Naam:
5. Voornamen
6. Geboren te
7. Op
8. Adres
9. ik verzoek u mij zo spoedig modelijk mede te delen of tegen het vertrek van betrokkene uwerzijds bezwaar bestaat.
10. Stempel en paraaf van de diensten
11. inspectie der belastingen
12. Openbaar ministerie
13. Landontvanger
14. Eilandontvanger
15. Sociale Verzekering Bank
16. Afdeling Burgerzaken
17. Nieuwe Toelatingsorganisatie

English Version
1. Bonaire Island Receiver
2. Department of Civil i.o
3. Behalf of the Head of Department of Civil I give you the intention of permanently vertrak of:
4. Name:
5. First Name
6. Born in
7. On
8. Address
9. I give my earliest fashion conducive to notify the person concerned or against the departure of objection on your part.
10. Stamp and initials of the services
11. Inspection of Taxes
12. Prosecution
13. Recipient Country
14. Island Receiver
15. Social Insurance Bank
16. Department of Civil
17. New Admissions organization