USMLE Step 1 Review: Falcon vs. Kaplan vs. DIT

Kaplan representatives give SJSM a visit once every semester, now a Falcon Review rep came by about a month ago. These representatives gives our school presentations of why their company can provide the perfect study plan to pass and get a high score in the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1. I know of students who took either of the two and got 90+ or 99 scores in the Step 1 exam.

The Falcon Review representative gave us information regarding themselves as compared to Kaplan and DIT in the Online Review course. I never heard of DIT until the Falcon Review representative brought it up. Anyways here is what she gave me:

Falcon Review
Number of Instructors: 17
Instructors Who Have Taken USMLE: All
Books Included: 13
Questions Bank: USMLE Consult (6 Months)
Diagnostic Exam: Yes
MD/PhD Instructors: All
Instructors with Specialization: Yes
Cost: $999 (60-day subscription)

Kaplan Medical Review
Number of Instructors: 8
Instructors Who Have Taken USMLE: Some
Books Included: 8
Questions Bank: In-House (3 Months)
Diagnostic Exam: Yes
MD/PhD Instructors: Not All
Instructors with Specialization: No
Cost: $1,499 (60-day subscription)

Doctors in Training (DIT) Review
Number of Instructors: 1
Instructors Who Have Taken USMLE: 1
Books Included: 0
Questions Bank: N/A
Diagnostic Exam: N/A
MD/PhD Instructors: N/A
Instructors with Specialization: N/A
Cost: $700 (30-day subscription)