Get Professional Help For Medical School

What if you can talk to a medical graduate one-to-one to give you full guidance?

What if you can talk to a resident who went through a Caribbean Medical School to give you advice?
What if you need guidance from the first day of school till you graduate?
Well, now SJSM students and other Caribbean medical students can now get help from experienced people. Consulting services are now being offered. It’s a paying service in which you get full guidance on what you should do and you can speak to a medical graduate to answer all your questions.  Weather the medical graduate is waiting for residency or if the graduate is in residency, you can ask all your questions; it’s up to you.
You can research the Internet and medical school forums all you want and you still won’t be satisfied because you don’t know if the answers you find are legitimate. You can now get one-to-one help from people who went through the process and passed their USMLE tests and got their ECFMG certificate.
Why should you go through premium service?
Customized plan for your medical school path.
You get to speak on the phone to a medical graduate.
Get USMLE test guidance.
Residency Application Guidance
Get Information on Residency Interview Experience

Why it is a paying service and not free?
Medical graduates and residents will take time out of their schedule to talk to you. Since you are paying for the consult, you will get the best advice possible because it’s from experience. If it was free then no one will put effort in giving you quality consult.

DO NOT RISK MAKING MISTAKES. If you don’t know where to go or what decisions to take, talk to a medical graduate to guide you because school counselors can only help you so much. Don’t waste money or time, invest well for help.

Pricing depends on the medical resident/graduate’s fee so that’s why it’s not posted yet.

Use the contact form if you are interested.