Jackson Park Hospital vs Mercy Hospital

Students of St. James School of Medicine have two hospitals in Chicago to to do their core rotations: Jackson Park Hospital or Mercy Hospital.  The hospitals are 15 minute drive from each other.  The question is which one will you choose.

Mercy Hospital

  • It’s near South Loop
  • It’s a clean hospital
  • It’s in a safer area
  • It’s hard to get A’s
  • They sponsor J1 visas for Canadian students
  • They have multiple residencies.

Jackson Park Hospital (JPH)

  • It’s near 75th street
  • It’s not so clean hospital, but they are renovating
  • It’s in a dangerous area, Southside Chicago
  • It’s easy to get A’s
  • They do not sponsor any visas.
  • They only have Family Medicine Residency

The problem with JPH is that while doing your core rotation, there isn’t much guidance there.  It’s more scut work for students than actually teaching.  No doubt you will learn hands on on so many various cases, but the guidance isn’t there.  The residents are also not the happiest there.

Mercy hospital has proper teachers and guidance.  They provide a lot of support to students.  If you do rotations there than you can increase your chances in getting a residency there.  The same cannot be applied to JPH, they rarely give any students, who did rotations there, a residency position.

So in order to get the benefits of both, schedule all of your core rotations at JPH and conduct all of your electives at Mercy Hospital.  The rotations you did at JPH, if you are weak on that subject, then schedule it at Mercy.  By doing this you will not only get all A’s in your core rotations but you will also learn with guidance.

I hope this helps.

Family Medicine Rotation Review

I completed my six weeks Family Medicine core rotation at JPH and also on offsite locations.  The rotation is basically concentrated in clinical setting and also in geriatrics. I honestly did not enjoy it because I did not like working in the nursing home. I did clinic hours in the hospital but then I had to drive to over 15 nursing homes and take care of patients there. 
The rotation basically dealt with typing up history and physical notes on Practice Fusion software. I had to type it up and then the doctor would do his checkup and retype his own notes. I didn’t see the reason I had to type it unless it was for my learning experience because the student’s notes are never accepted.
I hated working in the nursing homes in Chicago because I felt bad for the patients there. Majority of the nursing home patients look depressed because their families dump them there and rarely visit them. Only a few of the residents are jolly because their families come often and take them on outings. One of the nursing homes was right across the street of a graveyard; that is so cruel, it’s like telling the nursing home residents where they will go next. Also, in some of the nursing homes the nurses have a serious attitude issue with the students so, be aware of that and be extra polite to them.
I got an A grade out of it because it was easy in my opinion but I did not enjoy it because of seeing the condition of the senior patients was disappointing.

Pediatric Rotation Review

I conducted Pediatrics core rotation at Jackson Park Hospital with Dr. Hughes in the summer; this is a 6 weeks rotation. Dr. Hughes is a very energetic and nice pediatrician at the hospital.

There is one set of schedule during the summer and another different schedule during the school year. I had 4 days of clinic every week with 4 hours of rotations. Every other Friday I had to go to a clinic in a rural area, in Harvey, IL. Rotations are conducted in the MOB clinic on the 3rd floor. She serves as a physician at a local high school in South Side but since it was the summer time, I didn’t have to go to the high school.

Dr. Hughes does a great job in teaching about pediatrics. She will help you in understanding the vaccination schedules and more. She will teach you with hands-on learning with pediatric patients to understand pediatric concepts. All the patients you will see will be outpatients so you will not see any inpatients.

For the rotation you are to do one power point presentation on a system on 3 or more pediatric illnesses and one full pediatric history & physical.