No More SJSM Bonaire Campus

So what started in 2013 is about to be completed.  The debate of if Bonaire campus closing is finally here.  SJSM has confirmed it from their website.  At least students now don’t have to worry about the mistreatments by the locals.  During my stay there, the Bonaire locals gave me a hard time even when I did follow their rules.  Of course not all locals were like that, there are few from the rest that were very polite and nice.

This is bad news for the Bonaire economy but good news for St. Vincent, as the students bring in about $10 million a year as I heard when I was a student there.  I’m sure it’s more now with the new campus on St. Vincent and expanded class size.

SJSM St. Vincent has a sole campus built from ground up.  As of 2015, the school will be 15 years old clearing its way to apply for California whenever they apply for it.

Saint James School of Medicine Opening Third Campus On Saint Vincent

Some students gave me information that a third campus will be opening on the island of Saint Vincent. It’ll be kind of weird, that a school’s name “Saint James” will be on the island of Saint Vincent, go figure.

Updated February 5th, 2014
Saint James School of Medicine St. Vincent Announcement Documentation (PDF)

Saint Vincent already has three medical schools there: All Saints University College of Medicine, American University of St. Vincent School of Medicine, and Trinity School of Medicine. Now our school is opening it’s third campus there.

Beach on Saint Vincent

One of the negative things about moving a campus is that it looses it’s years of operations, which contributes in it’s accreditation. The more the years a school runs in the same location the better. By opening a third campus on another island after 14 years of operation, it looks like Saint James is expanding at a rapid pace. I just hope Saint James School of Medicine can get NY and FL since they will still be able to keep the accreditation years from Bonaire.

Here is the article that’s published regarding the 3rd campus:
Fourth medical school coming soon to St Vincent
Published on October 19, 2013
St Vincent — Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has announced that a
fourth medical school is expected to begin operations in St Vincent and
the Grenadines by next year.

The prime minister made the announcement during a news conference. He
said that the St James School of Medicine is looking at the possibility
of starting operations in the South Leeward area.

The prime minister also said that the St James Medical School has
indicated that it will start with about sixty students, and this will
increase to about two hundred within two to three years.

Gonsalves noted that there are now over 400 medical students pursuing studies in St Vincent.
You can confirm it by going to the IMED website and it shows that accreditation years starting from 2000. So it looks like SJSM gets to keep the accreditation years. Also, another student said he will be starting on Summer 2014 so Bonaire campus will remain open but it will be a sub-campus of the 3rd campus; it looks like Bonaire economy is saved. The MPs of Bonaire’s parliament was trying to stop Saint James from leaving anyways.

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Class Video of Saint James School of Medicine

I found this on the web, and I thought I’d share this. It’s a class video of one of the classes from SJSM Bonaire. Whoever made this video did a good job.
I’m sure the scenery from this video will bring back memories for those who attended the Bonaire campus.