Where To Go in Chicago To Get your Car Maintenance Done

When it comes to getting your car maintained there will be many auto shops which will try to rip you off or try to damage your car so you will pay them to get it fixed. Usually that happens in many private auto shops. Also, if you go to legit auto shops such as Firestone, they will charge you an arm and a leg to even do a single oil change. I’ve been living in Chicago for a while now and I learned where to go for whatever needs I may have for my car and for any other services. I drive an old car and it drives very smoothly thank God. My friends are surprised that my car drives consumes less gas than theirs and drives without problems.
I go to Bobak’s NAPA Auto Center
4955 W 47th Street
Chicago IL, 60638
Tel. (773) 585-4700
No matter what I need for my car, it’s always taken care of by my mechanic. If they need more time to fix your car than what they promised than the auto center will pay for your rental car, which shows they care about their customers. That auto shop is always busy because their customers come back again and again.
By the way, I’m not endorsed nor being paid to write this post; I suggested this auto shop specifically because they took care of my car maintenance services.