UWorld: Study Efficiently

There is very efficient way to study well from UWorld (formerly USMLE World) and it may or may not work for you. You need to go over UWorld as many times as you can in order to fully master the concepts. That means you shouldn’t waste the questions, and you should read the explanations, word-for-word.

  1. You should start reading the questions like a book. That means choose TUTORIAL MODE and MIXED. And choose 10 questions at a time. You need to start off slow and slowly work up to 15 at a time and then 20. The reason being is it’ll give you less anxiety when you have so little to do.
  2. After choosing the answer in tutorial mode, go all the way down and read the education objective first to get the summary of what it’s about. Treat all the questions as if you got it wrong, even if you did get it right. All the explanations are golden.
  3. Do not ever skip any questions. Each wrong answer is the summary of the explanation to another questions. In this format, you are interconnecting the dots of medicine, and it’s building up repetition learning.
  4. DO NOT RUSH. You must take your time. Remember, you should do the question bank multiple times.
  5. Another way to effectively get the most out of UWorld is watching a videos while doing questions. For example, in the morning spent couple of hours watching Pulmonary section and then afterwards do a mixed question block. That way you are re-enforcing the concepts into your long-term memory.
  6. If you don’t understand something from the question bank, don’t be lazy and Google it. Biostatistics is better explained on YouTube. As a matter of fact, KhanAcademy does a great job explaining medical biostatistics.