Step 2 CS Tutor Available

One of the senior SJSM students is offering Step 2 CS tutoring via online video conference for those who are seeking guidance for the test.  This student has extensive knowledge of what to do and what not to do.  He has passed all his USMLE tests on first-attempt so he is he go-to guy for tutoring.  I highly recommend him.

If you are interested then please contact me regarding his contact information and pricing.

Facts to Know About Residency Process

The residency process is no easy ride. It will be harder than studying for the boards.  If you study for the boards then you have a good chance of doing well.  However, when it comes to residency you can have all your requirements but there’s still no guarantee of getting residency, even if you get a lot of interviews.

Consider the following when you apply for residency:

  • Apply to all your programs on the first day, it’s usually September 15th.
  • Don’t expect to get interviews from all the programs you applied to.
  • You will be disappointed from time to time, but always keep your head up.
  • Make sure you get all your USMLE scores submitted before September.
  • Make sure you “waive” your right to see your letters of recommendation.
  • Research the programs before applying to them; make sure you fulfill all their criterias.
  • Do not rely on “hookups” from your friends who are already in residencies.
  • The best and the only person you to impress is the program director.
  • Go to medical conferences before September.
  • Always apply to Family Medicine programs even if you are seeking another specialty.
  • When applying broadly, it means apply to multiple specialties, but remember to back your choice up if you get interviews.
  • Always be kind and courteous to everyone, especially to program coordinators, they are the gateway to a residency position.
  • Timing is everything so doing everything before September gives you the upper hand.
I hope this helps, and please give me your feedback.