A Calorie Burning Drink That Gives you Energy and Focus

If someone told me that a drink that gives me focus, I would’ve been like yeah I already heard about it, Red Bull or Monster.  I’d probably think it’s pure bull.  But I never thought there was a drink made for calorie burning that gives me focus.

So what happened was I was walking by the water bottle isle in Jewel-Osco in Chicago and I saw a drink that was not hyped up, however it looks as if a lot of people bought it because there were few cans left.  The drink is called Aspire.  After drinking 1 can I noticed my mind is a bit calm and I was able to focus on my studies.  It doesn’t act like a stimulant, the feeling is subtle.
Now I don’t know if it burns calories like it claims; however it surely does something.  It has two factors that research shows that do burn calories: L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract. 

I was curious of their claim and they decided to give a 2-weeks challenge of drinking two cans a day.  Their Try it and let me know what you experience.