Remember Who You Are

As you we progress to reach our goal to be a medical doctor, we may be given a lot of things that we wouldn’t receive if we were not doctors. I hear stories of doctors being snobby and acting as if they are the center of the world; well, I’m against that. Honestly, I don’t really feel as if I’m all that despite of all the obstacles I’ve overcome to be where I am. I’m writing this post because when you reach near the end or at the end, you will be given a lot of priority and a lot of attention, and for that don’t let it get to your head.
I remember when I and a bunch of my boys and their wives and girl friends decided to go to the theater. They all sat down and I ended up with a seat at the end. I like sitting in the middle because it’s comfortable so I went the row behind them. They insisted that I sit on the same row as them but I was stubborn and I sat in the middle of the row behind them. So one of the guys got everyone up and got them to sit in the same row as me. His wife got up and told me, “you know we’re only doing this because you’re a doctor”. That was not my intention and nor did I want them to do that, but that’s society.
When you are making that 6-figure salary or more, just remember these points:
  • Be humble, don’t be arrogant
  • Be grateful
  • Always remember the people who helped you, such as your parents, siblings, and friends
  • Always try to help others
  • Don’t be too flashy with superficial stuff
  • Be generous; give a descent amount of charity because you are in a better place than most people in the world
  • Treat everyone with respect regardless of how they look or what they own or where they come from
  • Be open-minded and tolerable to everyone
Unfortunately, society is very biased on how you dress or what car you drive, because your appearance and what you have seems to define your worth. This is an inspirational video of how society sees you:
Moral of the story and the video, don’t like the woman in the black dress. Treat others with respect regardless if they are a plumber or a janitor, because everyone matters.