A Calorie Burning Drink That Gives you Energy and Focus

If someone told me that a drink that gives me focus, I would’ve been like yeah I already heard about it, Red Bull or Monster.  I’d probably think it’s pure bull.  But I never thought there was a drink made for calorie burning that gives me focus.

So what happened was I was walking by the water bottle isle in Jewel-Osco in Chicago and I saw a drink that was not hyped up, however it looks as if a lot of people bought it because there were few cans left.  The drink is called Aspire.  After drinking 1 can I noticed my mind is a bit calm and I was able to focus on my studies.  It doesn’t act like a stimulant, the feeling is subtle.
Now I don’t know if it burns calories like it claims; however it surely does something.  It has two factors that research shows that do burn calories: L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract. 

I was curious of their claim and they decided to give a 2-weeks challenge of drinking two cans a day.  Their Try it and let me know what you experience.

Residency and Connections

Did you ever run into someone who says he/she got a connection with a residency program? If so, then take that with a grain of salt. From my experience, those connections never come through unless they are strong connections.

If you depend on connections alone to get into residency, then you may be disappointed. Connections are one of the top ways to get a residency but they are rare. I noticed only family connections go through but everything else is useless. If a sibling, a spouse, a cousin is in a residency, then it’s easy to get in. However, if it’s anyone outside of the family, then the chances are very slim, because the people in the inside may not take the extra step to get you in.

The only way to get in is through your hard work, or smart ways to win the attention of directors and other staff members of the residency programs. It’s imperative to plan ahead and make sure that you impress the staff from Day 1. If you consistently contribute to the hospital you want a residency in, such as random projects, then you will increase your chances to get a residency position.

Why Halal and Kosher Meat is Medically Healthy for You

For most of you, you may not know what is Kosher or Halal meat.  The Jewish people call it kosher and the Muslims call it Halal, but they prepare meat about the same way. It is a fact that the quality of meat from being slaughtered for halal or kosher certification is far better than your traditional mainstream meat.  If you watch the movie Food, Inc., it’ll give you a visual explanation of how bad the meat in America has gotten with inhumane practice of slaughtering the animals. The same practice is probably conducted in parts of Europe and China as well, but I’m not quite sure about that so, don’t quote me on that.
What’s So Special About Halal/Kosher Meat
Imagine you are going to get some blood tests done. A doctor will initially ask for a blood test when they are evaluating the status of your health. Why the blood test you may ask? For us doctors, we know that the blood carries the toxins, cholesterol, diseases, ions, etc.  Blood measurements can give tremendous amount of health information in humans. The same goes for animals as well.  Halal/Kosher meats must have its blood drained in order for the the meat to be certified. Also the animals must be healthy, not be diseased, not contaminated, and it cannot be partially eaten by other animals. 
Halal/Kosher Meat Are Slaughtered in Humane Way
When slaughtering the animal, it must be done the most humane way, as in it must be done with the most minimum pain possible.  This is done by swiftly cutting arteries of the neck. Opposition ignorant people claim it’s not humane, but as a doctor I can tell you that it is the best method based on my studies. In mainstream American slaughter houses, the animal is usually beaten to death or and electrical rod is jabbed into their skulls to kills them; that’s not humane. If you think it through, when you cut of the blood supply to the brain in any mammals, the animal will loose consciousness, because the brain needs constant blood supply in order to function.  Think about it, when a human goes into cardiac arrest, we do CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to save the person, we press against the chest to manually pump blood to the brain, because our goal is to preserve the brain initially. The same concept applies to chickens or beef or goat; cutting off their brain’s blood supply leads to them loosing the feeling of pain.

Educate Yourself 
The health industry in our once beloved America is not as clean as you may think. Corporate greed has taken over without the health risk considerations. With wide practice of injecting hormones in animals to grow bigger and fatter and fast, has unlimited potential harm to us humans who consume it. Before you go to fast food restaurants, find out where they get their meat from.  Meats mau not cause any harm right away other than a one-way trip to the bathroom, but in the long-term, it will debilitate your health when you are older.