Untapped Opportunities for International Medical Students

Did you know that volunteering provides untapped opportunities for international medical students. Volunteering at various healthcare related events can help you with your residency.  I’m elaborating on volunteering because it’ll help your resume gain a boost, hence, it will make you look good for the residency programs that you will apply to.

Volunteering will help you in various ways including, but not limited to:

  • Meeting new people, hence, increase your network for opportunities
  • Gaining new experiences
  • Increasing your skills that is related to the volunteering program (ex. helping out in a blood bank will help you in your phlebotomy skills).

Where do you go to volunteer:

  • Volunteermatch.org
  • Hospital-hosted events, like health fairs
  • Blood banks
  • Private Clinics

If you are doing rotations in Chicago, don’t miss out on the opportunities to volunteer because you ever know how it’ll help you in gaining a good residency spot, let alone a residency spot.