Family Medicine Rotation Review

I completed my six weeks Family Medicine core rotation at JPH and also on offsite locations.  The rotation is basically concentrated in clinical setting and also in geriatrics. I honestly did not enjoy it because I did not like working in the nursing home. I did clinic hours in the hospital but then I had to drive to over 15 nursing homes and take care of patients there. 
The rotation basically dealt with typing up history and physical notes on Practice Fusion software. I had to type it up and then the doctor would do his checkup and retype his own notes. I didn’t see the reason I had to type it unless it was for my learning experience because the student’s notes are never accepted.
I hated working in the nursing homes in Chicago because I felt bad for the patients there. Majority of the nursing home patients look depressed because their families dump them there and rarely visit them. Only a few of the residents are jolly because their families come often and take them on outings. One of the nursing homes was right across the street of a graveyard; that is so cruel, it’s like telling the nursing home residents where they will go next. Also, in some of the nursing homes the nurses have a serious attitude issue with the students so, be aware of that and be extra polite to them.
I got an A grade out of it because it was easy in my opinion but I did not enjoy it because of seeing the condition of the senior patients was disappointing.