Greetings from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Camille is starting SJSM in St. Vincent island for the summer semester; she already there and she sent some pictures of the island and SJSM’s building.
I’ve safely arrived at Saint Vincent and am astounded at its beauty. The hills are great, a few of the Grenadines are visible, and the people are friendly. The party never stops here!
The first few days has been a mix of excitement and anxiety, but I am almost fully settled in and ready to start the MD program at Saint James. I can’t wait to meet the other students and hopefully find a roommate..
Thank you for all of your support during this transition, and we’ll keep in touch.
P.S. I’ve attached some photos for you to enjoy!
Camille Renee, BSc.
Saint James School of Medicine

Pictures from St. Vincent and the Grenadines Island

Pictures of the Saint James School of Medicine Building in Construction