What To Do After AICM 5th Semester

This post is out of a request from one of the readers. I probably wrote several topics in different angles. You finished AICM 5th semester so, now what do you do? Most of the students may feel that they were not fully prepared to take the USMLE Step 1 by the end of AICM 5th semester and they need to go over their weak areas and improve their basic science foundation. 
After you finished AICM this is what you need to do:
  1. Take NBME and see where you are at in terms of your knowledge.
  2. From the NBME, evaluate which topics you are weak in.
  3. Plan out how you are going to cover the weak areas, such as using videos, First Aid book, and question banks (Kaplan, USMLE World).
  4. Take NBME again, a different version, to see where you are weak at.
Keep one thing in mind, if you hear that a fellow student studied for several months after AICM and passed the USMLE Step 1, that doesn’t mean that you can study for the same amount of time and pass. Everyone is different and everyone from the island studied differently. You are not ready to take the USMLE Step 1 until the NBME test tells you that you are above the passing range.