How Much Does a Psychiatrist Make

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that overseas the treatment of mental disorders. Keep one thing in mind, psychiatrists are not the same and psychologists. Psychiatrists actually went to medical school.
Psychiatrists mostly consult and prescribe medications for mental disorders. Psychiatrists also work in team environment working with social workers, psychologists, and primary care physicians. Check out my psychiatry rotation review.
Types of psychiatrists:
  • Addiction psychiatrist 
  • Adult psychiatrist
  • Adolescent and child psychiatrist
  • Forensic psychiatrist
  • Geriatric psychiatrist 
  • Neuropsychiatrist 
  • Organizational psychiatrist 
How to be a psychiatrists:
  1. Get a bachelor’s degree with pre-medicine concentration, which will take 4 years to complete
  2. Go to a medical school, which will take 4 years to complete
  3. Complete a 4 years residency in psychiatry
  4. Pass the board certification test
How much does a psychiatrists make?
Money and Medicine

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychiatrists make an average $174,170 per year, or $83.73 per hour, as of May 2011. As of April 14th 2013, psychiatrists in Hawaii earn an average salary of $97,000 per year, which is kind of low for a person with an MD. However, I know of a psychiatrist who made well over a million dollars per year, but he works all day and he has over 20 years of experience.

California has a record of the most jobs in the medical field of psychiatry. It makes sense, since marjuana or cannabis is legalized, those pot heads need someone to treat their mental disorders.
So if you are the type of person that doesn’t want to deal with needles or other hands on procedures or if you just want to have a laid back medical doctor job, then go for psychiatry. Basically, you will be consulting and writing prescription all day and you still would be paid a six-figure income.