Don’t Let the Teachers on the Island Get you Down

The title says it all. Keep one thing in mind, this post is regarded to the Bonaire island only. I never been to Anguilla campus so I don’t know how the teachers there are like. From the Bonaire campus, multiple students will tell you that the teachers put them down. The teachers are not encouraging. They pick and choose people to favor who get good grades, but those students who get good grades, are the ones who are financially secure. Those students take the teachers out to eat or party or I don’t know.
I experienced demoralization on the island when the teachers told other students that I will never pass the USMLE Step 1, and yet Lord behold, I did pass with a score above the national average. It’s unfortunate that these teachers think they can say whatever they want and get away with it. 
I have nothing against them, as they seem as if they were not taught the etiquettes of being a good teacher. Most of them come from India and other neighboring countries so it’s understandable why they would say these things. These teachers are our competition also, some are also waiting to get residency in the United States. I don’t feel bad about the negative things they say, because us students have an advantage; we are US and Canadian citizens or permanent residents, which gives us an edge. Residency programs don’t want to deal with J1 or H1 visa, plus they know that we will not leave US to go back to India after completing residency. Residency programs know that it’s a better investment to hire a US/Canadian citizen because the chances of us staying and serving in US is high.
So that’s my two cents. And this doesn’t apply to teachers only; it applies to anyone and everyone who puts you down and stays you will never make it. Have faith in God, and stay focused and you will make it.