What Drives you to Keep on Going in Medical School

I’m in my fourth year of medical school; I recently took a small vacation trip. On my trip I reminisce on how far I have come. With my parent’s prayers and God’s blessings I was able to overcome the challenges that I faced.

What I learned from my experiences is that thinking about what motivated you in the beginning and holding on to that thought helps. I’m a strong believer of God and that kept me going just by believing in him and knowing that with time things will get easier, and it did.

Don’t Seclude Yourself
Whenever you get a chance, try to be around people. Don’t think that you will loose study time if you take a break to hang with few friends. If you isolate yourself then you will actually loose study time in the long run. The seclusion will get to you and it will slow you down while you study. Instead of helping you studying and keeping you going, seclusion will diminish your momentum of studying. And let’s face it, it takes a while to really study this USMLE stuff and we don’t want anything to stop the study mood.

Always talk about the next step. Talking to others about your goals help a lot. When you talk to others, you are reminded of why you chose this field and it should help you further in your goals.