Psychiatry Rotation Review

Psychiatry in Jackson Park Hospital is one of a kind with a lot of inpatient exposure. Most of the patients, who stay longer than a week, are diagnosed with schizophrenia or some kind of drug overdose. You will also see patients who are found on the streets because of alcohol overdose.
After going through the psychiatry rotation I am very confident that I do not want to go into psychiatry. The reason being is that getting the proper information out of the patients is like finding a needle in a haystack. The patients are either on Haldol, so they are sedated, or they are aggressive and uncooperative.
The psych ward is located in two different sections the 4th floor of the east wing, hence 4 East, and the 4th floor of the South wing, hence 4 South. The 4 East section is the area the men are and the 4 South is the area where the women are. The separation is mandatory to restrain the patients from having any sexual conduct with each other and for their safety. Another safety protocol is that students should attend the patients in pairs. If a male medical student checks up a female patient then a female medical student is to be present and the same goes for female medical students checking up male patients.
When you go through the psych ward you see some patient in a state where you feel bad for them. And I see the hardship they went through that got them to be where they are. And what I saw made me appreciate who I am and what I have compared to the state the patients are in.