Half of Core Rotations Done

I can’t believe that I’m half way done with my core rotations.  I learned a lot over the past months on how to interact with doctors and my fellow medical students, who are from various schools and from various countries.  

I apologize that I haven’t updated my blog for a while but a lot of things happened over the past months and I’ll mention them in this post.
Death of an Attending Physician 
It’s a sad news for the medical community that one of the nicest attending physician passed away last week.  Apparently he had pneumonia which he had to stay in the hospital for months until recently till his time of his death.  How he died from this is what us students are wondering.  One reason could be that he overlooked nursing homes and he got it from the elderly patients.  In the hospital the elderly patients are usually in isolation if they have MRSA or any time of diseases that requires isolation.  My advice to you all please practice proper hygiene, especially after coming from the hospital.  Also, while conducting physical exams on patients, have them face away from you.
Step 2
Studying for the USMLE Step 2 is no easy task when you are on the go.  Everyday I have something to do, which hinders me from actually sitting down and studying.  Unfortunately when you start rotations and if you are trying to complete both parts of Step 2 then you should study any way you can.  My advice is to get a tablet and a hotspot on you phone so you can do questions or read on your tablet while you are on the go.  The tablet comes vey handy during rotations while you are waiting for the doctor because these attending physicians usually keep their students waiting.