Time is Valuable in Internal Medicine Rotations

There is so much frustration during rotations. Some attending doctor hardly gives us time to do our other work that we are supposed to do in Internal Medicine rotations. It’s irritating that they keep us waiting for them for hours so we can round. Unfortunately this is the way of clinical clerkships as we have to do everything the doctor tells us to do as he/she has the final say in our grades.
I am hardly getting any time to study for my USMLE Step 2 CK. My advice, for prospective students who are going to start clinical rotations, is to start studying for Step 2 CK immediately after passing the USMLE Step 1.
I attempted to study in the hospital but with all the hectic activity that it’s so hard to. In the day room where it’s separated from the patients there are medical students walking around because doctors use them as free labor. Then there are nurses running around and yelling and then there are resident doctors who require medical students to do new H&Ps on new admissions. So it’s just pure hectic lifestyle in this 12 weeks of internal medical rotations.

3 thoughts on “Time is Valuable in Internal Medicine Rotations”

  1. I definitely understand how you feel. been there, done that! try doing questions on a mobile device during downtime in the hospital. and reserve the hardcore studying on weekends or at night. good luck!

  2. @Maxx-Scorpio: Jackson Park Hospital is not the best hospital but it's better than nothing. The staff is kind of rude to the students in the internal medicine floor in 2 East. And yes I am doing rotations there currently.

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