Finally Settled Down in Chicago

Coming from the South, getting used to a northern state is kind of difficult. I’m used to the relaxed environment and walking out of my house and seeing sunny weather 70% of the time in the winter. Here in Chicago it’s cloudy to snowy 70% of the time in the winter. One of my readers requested information regarding where I’m staying. I can’t give the details regarding that because of security issues but I will give a breakdown of my cost of living.
Currently, I live not too far from Jackson Park Hospital. And yes, you guessed it where I live it’s not safe to walk outside; however, I’m paying for the security. Unlike living next to University of Chicago, it’s not ok to get out 2 AM for fresh air around here. The place is located right next to Lake Michigan, which also contributes to the high rent.
I stay in a studio apartment because that’s all I need for now. The apartment includes free water and sewage, doorman security, a separate kitchen, three closets with one huge walk in closet, and a normal size bathroom. On top of the rent I pay for  a parking spot in the garage, Internet, and electricity, which totals around $1000. It’s a lot but I still need time to get used to Chicago and this place’s interior has a Southern look and feel. Also, within my time period here I can look around to find cheaper places. I got it close to Jackson Park Hospital because if a code yellow is put in place then it won’t take long to go home. And I plan to do all my core rotations at Jackson Park Hospital. For those who do not know what code yellow is, it’s the hospital’s code in which all students must leave the facility. I don’t know the reason but is it what it is.
Also, I did not get a furnished apartment because it costs $200-$400 more every month. Also, with a furnished apartment, the previous tenants used the mattress so I don’t want to deal with that. I rather spend $400 one time to buy what I need because paying for a furnished apartment will add up over time.
I paid $235 for my bed set, which includes a nice queen size mattress with pillow top, the mattress box, frame, and 2-year warranty. The price includes free delivery and setup also; therefore, if you want the same deal please let me know at [email protected] and I’ll give you the guy’s information. From the picture you see a black headboard, which I paid $90 extra just so I can sit up and read whenever I feel like it.
Other expenses included getting a study table. I don’t need a fancy table so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a white folding table for $38. I also bought an office chair for $50 from Each of the lamps cost me $9; all the other items in the apartment were from Wal-Mart or Family Dollar because that’s where I found the cheapest stuff.  The previous tenant gave me some stuff for cheap including their microwave for $20.
So that’s what’s going on and I hope you guys can settle down in Chicago better than me.  I had a rough time getting a place on time and I hope you guys can plan ahead and not go through a difficult time like me.

6 thoughts on “Finally Settled Down in Chicago”

  1. Awww man!! As a Chicago native, I was really hoping you would have a better experience. Also as Chicago native, yo kudos to you for living close to JPH! I hate driving through the area talkless of living there! LOL I thoroughly love Hyde Park, especially close to University of Chicago. The students make it more diverse and it has a ton of productive places to check out when you're not studying.

    Hopefully you'll get to experience the fun side of Chicago in your spare time!

  2. Ola Blessed: yeah Chicago is nice and I love Hyde Park, but it's so expensive. I live close to JPH because the security is there. And yeah the University of Chicago makes the area beautiful.

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