Getting Ready to Settle in Chicago for a Long Time

So what’s going on now with me these days? Well, I’m getting ready for core rotations aka clinical clerkships, as that is the next step. At the same time I’m trying to get the input from my senior students on what to do in studying for Step 2 CK. I’m going to most likely study the same way as I did with Step 1 but in a shorter time period because of rotations. Nowadays, my senior students talk about how they are studying for Step 2 CS and how it takes months to schedule an exam. SJSM requires 96 weeks of rotations but ACGME requirements only needs 72 weeks with 48 weeks of core rotations from ACGME approved hospital sites. Therefore, it looks as if I’m going to have to live in Chicago for a very long time. Chicago is a beautiful city but the snow is not my best friend. Whatever the case may be I have to learn to cope with in the windy city.

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The feeling of completing the USMLE Step 1 is exhilarating. I graduated at the bottom of my class in Bonaire for basic science, and most of the teachers did not help, but I stayed firm and continued to go through. And I will tell you this, if I can do it then you can too. I still haven’t gotten any place in Chicago so I’m still looking for a place. I looked on craigslist and staying in a descent place in Chicago costs you an arm and a leg. As you can see I’m running around taking care of things but I will make sure to update this blog often and keep reading.

As for those who are studying for Step 1, don’t worry, I will continue to write posts about Step 1 and how to overcome that test. I know what you went through and I can say that from experience.

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  1. have fun in chicago! i stayed there for my obgyn rotation way back in medical school. i stayed at the international house which is a high rise dormitory style living with a cafe, student lounge, and kitchen. had a blast!

  2. @thuc huynh md: thanks…Chicago looks fun but I'm here during the snow season and its not gonna be a pretty sight…I applied to live near Lake Shore because I want to have the option of walking towards the lake. I plan to finish my rotations here so let's see how it goes.

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