Don’t Get an Apartment Near Jackson Park Hospital

If you go on craigslist and you may see postings and think to yourself it’s too good to be true. For example, I saw a posting of a one bedroom apartment on 71st street for $550 with no security deposit. And it’s couple of minutes drive to Jackson Park Hospital. First of all, it’s not a scam, you really could get a place that cheap near the hospital; however, you are compromising your safety and the safety of your car. Any place near the hospital is dangerous. Unless your car is in a garage, you are most likely going to have your car broken into.

If you are going to stay near the hospital, then stay above 60th street, around Hyde Park, or around the suburbs like around 85th street. If you are driving and if you have a non-Illinois license plate just make sure you don’t bring any attention to your car such as sparkling things or evidence of you having a GPS system anywhere in your car, or a phone charger, etc.

If you are taking public transportation, then it’s very important to go to the bus stop in groups; a group of 4 or 5 students is a good safe number. Muggers, even with a weapon, would not have the guts to mug anyone if they were in a group especially at night when you have on-call duty.

With this bad economy, plus Chicago being a very corrupt city, thieves are everywhere because they can’t get a job and they will hurt others to gain money. So for those who are settling in Chicago, be wise and choose a safe area even if you are far from the hospital.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Get an Apartment Near Jackson Park Hospital”

  1. Hi I am subletting a one bedroom apartment in Hyde Park.

    It is a spacious and cozy one bedroom apartment located on 53rd and Dorchester.

    We are looking to sublet it as soon as possible. Lease expires in October 31th.

    It is a quiet building, with easy access to the University of Chicago, CTA transportation, many restaurants, coffee shops and stores.

    Rent includes ALL utilities – including water, sewer, electric. NO DEPOSIT FEE is required.

    The building is secure and includes amenities such as: bike racks, onsite laundry room, sundeck, internet in the lobby, gym, on site management, and maintenance, etc…

    A friend of mine working at Jackson Hospital (who btw lives in this building) told me that it is very easy to get to the hospital from here using the CTA (public transportation)

    Contact me at [email protected] for more details!

  2. Hi
    Thanks for this blog.
    I am looking at moving to Chicago for clinical rotations in October 2013. I am looking for studio apt. I really need your help in determining which location is best. I don't care much about being near the hospital. But somewhere safe. Thanks.

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