Where to Live and Where to Park in Chicago

I got this question via email from someone who looking to settle in Chicago.  I gave a detailed and important answer and it might be helpful to those who have never been to Chicago before.  Don’t mind if there are any grammatical errors because I typed it up very quickly. 

so I’m starting to look for a place to live in Chicago. Any good neighborhoods with nice apartments or condominiums that you know of near the Jackson park hospital? 


And this is what I replied to him:

Live in apartments near Hyde Park (near President Obama’s House) or around the University of Chicago, that’s where most students from University of Chicago and medical students live. Also, a warning, avoid living near the hospital, that’s dangerous area. Live north of 60th street; do not live south of 60th street.

Another warning is about parking of you’re going to bring your car, come around 7:30 AM to get a parking space in the parking lot in front of the hospital. The parking lot is right in front the hospital on the same side facing Stony Island Ave. Do not park in the back parking lot behind the hospital; one secured parking lot is for doctors, where medical students cannot park, and the other parking lot, across the street, is insecure but whoever parks there gets their car window broken into. In the insecured parking lot, people who have cars with an out-of-state (not Illinois) license plate are targeted.

Also, if you’re going to take public transportation, do not carry a laptop bag. I suggest a book back that has a laptop pouch inside. I recommend a Targus book bag with a laptop pouch from Amazon; it’s the same type that I got and it’s cheap. Carrying a laptop bag in front of the bus stop is asking to get mugged at knife point. I’m telling you this because one student got mugged at knife point last year at broad daylight; however this didn’t happen in front of the hospital because there are police around the hospital. The bus stop closest to the hospital is 10 minute walk away.

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  1. Hi, thanks for all the info.

    I had a few questions, if you don't mind.

    In AICM, what material do they use to teach? How can I be better prepared before I start, other then doing Uworld qbank?

    When do most students write the step after they finish their AICM? When are you taking it? How do you know if you are ready?

    Also, regarding living in chicago, I know you mentioned some places, is there a website, where I can find/look @ pictures of the accommodations?


  2. In AICM USMLE review for Step 1, the teachers teach well, they usually go through First Aid. To better prepare yourself I really suggest a Qbank. Other than UWorld, you can use Kaplan QBank but I never touched that Qbank. Question based learning is how all students I know learn. Students usually write the step around 6 months after finishing AICM. I'm taking it soon but I can't reveal my date because I want to stay anonymous; if I reveal my date then someone will know who I am. You'll know when you're ready when you can go through First Aid and recall most of the information you see and elaborate on it. After I pass Step 1 I will write may articles on it.

    To find a place in Chicago I suggest craigslist.org in the Chicago city of apartments/housing section. Type in Hyde Park in the search box and you will get a bunch of listings with pictures and contact information. I hope this helps and thanks for visiting my site.

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  5. Hi!

    I thought you would be interested. I am subletting a nice one-bedroom apt in Hyde Park (53rd and Dorchester).

    It is a very safe area, one of my neighbors actually works at Jackson Hospital and he finds this building has good access to the hospital (using the cta -public transportation-).

    Do not doubt to contact me at edgarrv91 @gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested!



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