is now online!

Lurking Shadow, who writes on the SJSM blog, registered his domain recently and I was planning to register my domain after passing Step 1. However, it was very tempting to register right away because of the new 2012 year.  Also, the timing is perfect because the domain will not be randomly be registered in the middle of the year; it will be renewed at the end of the year.  So from now this site is on and also the old address,, will be redirected to the new domain.

It’s been almost 28 months (2 years and ~4 months) since I started my journey to get my MD and this blog has come a long way. This site has become very successful over the years with significant readership growth. My readership has grown exponentially with as high as 129 visitors per day and growing. It would grow further if I write more posts but with my busy schedule I only find 20-30 minutes to write these posts once a week. Since this site has an official domain now, I plan to write every day while I’m in clinical clerkship so you’ll get the most detailed information for every subject possible.

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  1. 🙂 lol nice man, i wasn't really going to do it yet but i got the domain for a dollar for the year so i was like meh might as well lol congrats thou looks good 🙂

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