The Best Study Method for the USMLE Step 1

So what is the best method of studying for the USMLE Step 1? 
Believe it or not the best method is your method. Yes you got it; it’s your own method. You can look online and find so many methods by medical students who already took the test. However, do you really think those methods will work for you? Everyone is different and so every method goes with different people. Just because one method worked for that particular student doesn’t mean that method will work for you.

Let’s say you found a study method for the USMLE Step 1 from a medical student who took the test and passed, that medical student may be single, and you may be married; therefore, the study may not work for you. If your’re married you may need more time because you need to attend to your family. Some of these study methods are very complicated because they get into details on what to do during the day.

So should you look into those methods you found online?
Of course, you should always learn from others who’s been there but don’t imitate them and think you will get their high scores. Learn their strong points and their weak points. Usually when medical students write their methods of studying they also point out their mistakes and what they should’ve done; that’s what you should pay attention to.

So how do you know if your method is effective?
First think about if you are understanding the concept and then think about if you are memorizing what you need to memorize. Don’t attempt to memorize anything unless you understand what you’re memorizing because you memorize faster and far more efficiently if you understand what you’re memorizing.