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I never imagined this blog would go as far it has gone with its clean content without exhibiting pictures of booty and cleavage. In terms of popularity I heard it got very popular among SJSM students who go to the Bonaire campus, especially those who are prospective students. Apparently this blog answers a lot of questions to students who can’t find the information they’re looking for anywhere else. If you like this blog or if it’s been helpful for you then please spread the word to your buddies who are thinking about coming to the Bonaire campus of SJSM.  I’ll have more info on Clinical Clerkships once that time comes around.

I also found out that the Saint James School of Medicine’s official blog has linked to this blog.  SJSM not only linked this site from their main site, but they also follow this site on Twitter.

There are other blogs written by SJSM students: Southern Doc: Caribbean Style, Life of a Medical Student, Prostudent4life (Anguilla campus), and MD Odyssey. Benji Ho, another Caribbean medical student who blogs, attends American University of the Caribbean, and it was he who found out about all the SJSM blogs and listed them on his site. To my surprise he recommends my blog to his readers in regards of SJSM; thanks Benji.

What’s the Plan

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I plan to register a domain for this blog. Yes, you read it right a “.com” for Medical School Memoirs. I haven’t quite gotten a solid decision on the name yet, but I got my choices of domain names. I want a domain name which is simple and easy to remember and it would be a general name on medical school and/or medicine as a whole. I don’t quite know when to register for it though; may be after I take Step 1 or perhaps sometime before during my break. Let’s see how it goes so far.  It only takes 2 minutes to register a domain and a wait of 48 hours, and another 2 minutes to activate the domain and link it to this blog.

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