AICM Pre-Clinicals Recap

As you know AICM is mandatory for our class. I want to go over what to expect so you’ll get an overview of what’s going on. The pre-clinical program is divided in 8 weeks. The first 2 weeks has to do with preparations for the clinicals. The first week has to do with labs, which includes practicing injections in dummies, nasogastral tube insertion, catheter insertion, etc. The second week deals with EKG and orientation for the clinical. In this week there is no fixed schedule, you have to show up when the doctor shows up and the worst part is if you come to the hospital after an hour and a code yellow occurs then you have to leave and the orientation is cancelled, fun huh? It’s very frustrating and time consuming.

For the rest of the 6 weeks you will be split in groups for your rotations. The rotations include:

  1. OB/GYN
  2. Internal Medicine
  3. Family Medicine
  4. Surgery
  5. Pediatrics
  6. Psychiatry

Our On-Call schedule are as follows:
Internal Medicine – 2 Shifts
8 PM – 8 AM Weekdays
8 AM – 8 PM Weekends

Family Medicine
8 PM – 8 AM Weekdays

8 AM – 8 PM Weekdays

8 AM – 8 PM Weekdays

While doing the rotations you will also be assigned to do presentations on a topic classified within the rotation. Also during rotations you have to complete 2000+ questions from a desired QBank. It’s a lot of materials they throw at us and unfortunately they expect us to study well for USMLE Step 1 while being on this hardcore schedule. So, my advice for all those of you still in Bonaire and Anguilla, prepare yourself.