Getting Close to Clinical Clerkships

Another day and another class I have to sit through in AICM. Fortunately, we have one more week to complete before we jump on to the clinical clerkships. The February batch came in earlier this month and the class seems to be packed. In a way it’s like Bonaire all over again. I have been seeing my classmates for 16 months and now more time with them; they seem like a family now.

Now we have to be in the hospital for the next 7 days straight to finish up everything for the review. The reason we’re not getting the weekends off is due to the convenience they are trying to give us. Instead of being in the hospital for 12 hours from 8 AM to 8 PM, we just have to show up for clinical clerkships from 2 PM to 8 PM excluding the on-call shifts. So, we only have to be in the hospital for 6 hours so we get the other half of the day to work on QBank questions. The AICM director in the hospital made it mandatory for us to sign up for USMLE World questions since it is the highest rated QBank out there.