How Much do Family Practice Doctors Make?

The field of Family Practice is not really a competitive field in the United States. Most medical students avoid getting into the field because the money is not all that great compared to other specialties such as dermatology or radiology. Medical students have enormous piles of debt once they finish medical school so, they will choose the highest paying job in order to pay off their debt ASAP. Physicians consider Family practice field as the lowest ranking field; however, that’s about to change with the new healthcare plan set by President Obama. With the new nationalized healthcare plan there will be an additional 30 million people getting healthcare and the demand for primary care, specifically Family Practice doctors, are now needed.
How much do Family Practice doctors make?
From January 21, 2011 physicians get from $120,731 to $169,119. During residency, residents in family practice get a very handsome salary above other residents from other fields because the demand for primary care doctors are soaring. They get from $46,000 to up to $60,000 just for residency! And just like internal medicine family practice doctors makes a killing in the rural areas than in the urban areas.
How to be a Family Practice doctor after high school?
– 4 years of undergraduate work
– 4 years of medical school
– 3 years of residency
So yeah about 11 years just like internal medicine, and like internal medicine there are subspecialties which includes the following:
– Adolescent Medicine
– Geriatric Medicine
– Sleep Medicine
– Sports Medicine

6 thoughts on “How Much do Family Practice Doctors Make?”

  1. who is writing these things?? are you even in med school? family practice isn't a "low rank" field, except maybe in the eyes of you and your narrow-minded circle of peers. And most med students go into what they're interested in, rather than what "pays".
    Med school/residency is hard work, and if one was doing it solely for the money, then I seriously envy that person's tolerance for pain. It is simply not worth it, if money is your final aim. Sorry if this is insulting, but I'm tired of the stigma placed on family docs.

    -hobo med student from NC

  2. I think family doctors make way to much money for almost nothing. They do the same thing that a nurse does the only difference is the doctor will give you a prescription and say come back in 2 weeks.

  3. @hobo med student from NC: I personally think Family Practice is interesting, especially the Sports Medicine specialty. What I wrote was based on the view points of others and it was not from me so please don't use harsh language here. And please don't question my position.

    And money is not the reason of me studying medicine, money is only mentioned for paying of student loans.

    Please don't come here and take out your frustration because I know you're saying all these due to your medical school work.

  4. The anonymous above , I hope one day you will need a doctor and can't find one, only the nurses will be around and can't help then may be you will learn the hard way to appreciate the differences

  5. hopefully none of you bickering trash talkers will become doctors anywhere. shouldn't you be studying and working???? grow up.

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