How Much do Internal Medicine Doctors Make

An internist is a doctor in the field of Internal Medicine, hence the name “internist”. Internal medicine doctors are different than Family Practice doctors in which they focus mostly in treating and preventing illnesses of adults. In Family Practice, doctors deal with the treatment of children and adults. Just like family practice, Internal Medicine is a residency by itself and most doctors are internal medicine physicians. Internal medicine has a wide range of specialties with rewarding salaries which attracts most of the medical school graduates.
Internal Medicine Sub-specialties Include:
* Adolescent medicine
* Allergy and immunology
* Geriatrics (care of the elderly)
* Hematology (blood)
* Infectious disease
* Oncology (cancer)
* Rheumatology (arthritis)
* Sports medicine
Medical students who do not want to jump into specialties can just complete 3 years of residency to complete the general requirements to be internists. Internal medicine can also be referred as a “general practitioner” with whom basic treatment is conducted.
How Much do Internists Make?
As of January 2011, the lowest an internist makes without any sub-specialties, is $146,525 and the highest they make is $227,419. Of course experience increases the numbers and also internists who work in rural areas make more money than internists who work in the urban areas.
How to be an Internal Medicine Doctor?
1) 4 years of undergraduate course
2) 4 years of medical school
3) 3 years of internal medicine residency
4) Pass USMLE Step 1, Step 2, Step 3
5) Pass the state test to get the license from that state

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  1. D.O. graduates should be considered as well. Instead of USMLE, they have to take COMLEX Levels 1, 2, and 3 as well as get state licensure.

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