is Gone and Other Updates

I decided to go to and I found that the blog was deleted. That blog is very popular and I love reading about the enormous amounts of money different physicians earn in USA compared to other countries.

Should I continue what that site started?
As a medical student I don’t have that much time but I’m always interested in writing about new topics. I always love reading about physician salaries and perhaps I should continue what that site started. If you are a regular visitor you should know by now that this blog has a lot of useful information about studying at a Caribbean medical school. Not only that, I do my best to keep it updated every month. Last month, I didn’t get a chance to write anything because I was leaving Bonaire and therefore I was running around getting things organized and chasing after my landlord to get my deposit back.

Anyways, since the Bonaire chapter is done and closed and a new chapter of clinical clerkship started I will write about the salaries physicians earn and how to be one. I only do so, not to copy mdsalaries blog, but for my own information, so I can have a database to refer to in the near future. Whenever I get a chance I will write about the salaries for certain physicians and how to get into their respected specialties.

Now that basic science is over, all the information I write from now on will be useful for all medical students from different medical schools. Where you do your basic science classes differentiates you from medical students of other schools; however, clinical clerkship is the same for everyone.