A Sneak Peak of Medical Concepts for the Newly Accepted SJSM Students

Are you a prospective medical student? Did you ever wonder what it be like to get sneak peak at the medical concepts you will be learning? I have spoken to the new people who are coming to SJSM next year and they are eager to start studying. They asked for the notes so they can have a head start on their studies. Unfortunately, the teachers of SJSM would not like their lecture notes to be passed on like that so I can’t pass it on. Most of the professors who teach the basic science courses in Saint James School of Medicine are PhD researchers in medicine, while some others hold MBBS degrees. Luckily, students of Saint James School of Medicine are very supportive of the new students and they are very resourceful. To the new student don’t get anxious to learn the medical concepts, enjoy yourself in USA/Canada while prepare yourself for the brutal 16 months you will spend in Bonaire or Anguilla. I know living Bonaire is hard if you have a tight budget, I don’t know much about Anguilla though; I heard it’s far more modern than Bonaire but yet expensive.

Surprisingly, I found some Kaplan Medical videos floating around the web. The concepts shown in this video is exactly what you will be learning in Saint James School of Medicine. It’s a short clip but it’s a good sneak peak of the information that you will be exposed to.

Normal Bone Lecture by Dr. Cecil Cone, M.D.