How are the Tests of MD4

For all you not-senior students of SJSM you will love MD4. The schedule is a bit relaxed and we have time to sleep and study for the tests. We have 4 tests but 2 of them are from one class. We have PDI tests with one that is multiple-choice where we take it like any other tests and the other one is practical one where we perform physical exams on a patient. The patient is actually another classmate we choose to be our partner. The other tests are Epidemiology and Systemic Pathology (Pathology II).

The schedule is great as well, on the week of the test, on that Thursday we have the multiple-choice test for PDI, and on the following day, a Friday, we have the practical for PDI. On Friday everyone is assigned a certain time of the day to show up to be tested; we have 20 minutes to get tested per pair. The weekend is the time to study and on the following Monday we have Systemic Pathology and Epidemiology tests. Therefore, on Thursday we have the PDI theory exam at 8 AM, on Friday we have the PDI practical exam on our given schedule, on Monday we have System Pathology II at 10 AM and then we have Epidemiology at 2 PM. So yeah that’s the schedule for MD test.

As in terms of difficulty, I would say it’s a bit better than MD3 because now we have only 3 subjects instead of 5 subjects to study for.  The subjects are not easy though, they are still difficult but studying for them is more relaxed now.  Therefore, we have more time in our hands to learn the material well. Some people are actually taking the extra time to start studying for Step 1.