After a Week of MD4 Classes

It’s been a week of MD4 and things are very different than MD3, thank GOD. The classes seem to be far more relaxing and I’m not that stressed out about it. We have a hospital bed in the classroom now because the instructor uses it to teach us PDI. He’s teaching us the introduction to clinical medicine; he’s teaching us the skills we need for the AICM semester. Overall my mind is very relaxed after MD3 ended.

We still are in the same classroom and at random moments you can see this short Indian guy get up and go outside during class. After 5 seconds or so he would come back. I never knew what he was doing till someone told me that he goes out to release gas. Indians eat a lot of rice and other curry food and I guess it makes that guy fart often.

I still haven’t met all of the MD1s. Apparently there was a welcome party last Friday in City Café and I didn’t go. I haven’t gone out much this semester yet but I do plan to. If you are an MD1 and a regular reader of this blog and you still haven’t figured out who I am then don’t bother trying. There are about sixty MD4 students and you have to get to know all of us to figure it out. I got word that on a Muslim holiday, on Eid last week, the Muslims asked about who the writer of this blog was at their breakfast table.

AICM Update
I got word from some students who are already in AICM that the rotation is very tiring. I thought they would be in the hospital for 4-5 hours but I was wrong. You’re in the hospital around the same time as you are in class in Bonaire. You will be basically following a doctor and you will be on the front lines of diagnosing patients. You’re not going to be alone though, you will be in a group. The hospital is a teaching hospital so you may be with medical students from other schools.