Goodbye MD3, and Hello MD4!

It’s been a killer semester and MD3 is finally over. I can’t believe it went by so fast. Overall this semester is what medical school is all about: sleepless nights, drowsiness, constant studying, 4+ cups of coffee, etc. Did it pay off, well I am and MD4 so yeah. The struggles I went through got me through. Honestly, I didn’t get much time to study, rest, and eat. The volume of information that I have to read, comprehend, and memorize is just overwhelming. MD3 is known to be the toughest semester and the Pharmacology course to be the toughest course. For the upcoming MD3s I am telling you get your gear locked and buy yourself a big long coffee mug because you’re going to use it.

The dean assured me that MD4 is a lot easier except for Pathology II (Systemic Pathology) but it’s only one class and we won’t have sleepless nights studying for it. MD4 is known as the semester of resolution of difficulty. For those who are in my MD4 class, they have plans to throw BBQs, parties, fundraising events, etc. So let’s see how it goes. Everyone says that MD4 is like college all over again. You can actually not study everyday and still get an “A” because you only have one hard class to concentrate on. The other classes we have to take is Epidemiology and the practical and lecture of PDI (Physical Diagnosis Introduction/Introduction to Clinical Medicine). For MD4 we basically have three classes therefore, we’ll have a lot of time on our hands

In a future post I will write about my review of MD3 along with tips and mistakes I have made.

End of Summer 2010 Semester

I know I haven’t blogged lately, it’s because I’m very busy and I am very tired. The new semester is coming up and all of you new students should’ve already booked a roundtrip ticket to Bonaire. And I want to emphasize on getting roundtrip ticket because Bonaire’s airport officers will check to see if you have a ticket to go home; it is mandatory to have a return ticket home.

The upcoming MD1, MD2, and the new pre-med students will be taught in a new building further away from the rest of us. I don’t exactly how far but I know that the school is working on arranging shuttle rides for the students. I heard the new building is brand new is so much better than our current building.

We had an election so we have a new SGA. The president of SGA noted that there will be no rides available to pick up the new students due to lack of funds so for those who emailed me I replied back regarding the rides.

The building in a red circle, in the picture below, is the student lounge, which is open 24/7 and so if you want to catch the current students then stop by there. The campus is 7 minutes walk from downtown and couple of minutes walk from Cultimara Supermarket.

There will be a good number of students who are staying in Bonaire for the break. We only have 10 days off till the next semester. Therefore, it’s not economically good to spend $500 on a roundtrip ticket to go home for a short time.

So that’s all for now, I have a lot of things to do and not enough time. I won’t be blogging till this semester is over which is around one and a half weeks. Good luck to the new MD1s and Pre-Med1s.