Upset Stomach Due to Bad Food in Bonaire

Lately I’m having stomach aches. I don’t know exactly but it’s probably has to do with some things I ate which was processed in South America. In the grocery stores some items are from America while others are from Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, etc. Bonaire is very close to Venezuela so a lot of the biscuits, canned foods, chicken stocks, etc. are all sold in Bonaire. I bought some things from Cultimara grocery store near SJSM; I might just withdraw from eating everything except Ramen noodles to get by till my stomach gets better.

I had several moments in the bathroom. After wards,  I drank lots of water including one glass of sugar/salt water.  When you’re in Bonaire keep in mind what you buy, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s the product for you.