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So what’s going on nowadays with SJSM. The owner of SJSM is in Bonaire at the moment and he had a meeting with the Bonaire’s campus administration and SGA. Some of the SGA members talked to me and told me what was discussed and what to expect.

1. Bonaire Campus will be getting a new building. The school is growing and the number of applicants is increasing. It’s expected the new Fall 2010 MD class will be the largest so they will expand the campus.

2. The school will apply for California, New York, and Florida licensing. No definite date was set because they will first deal with the Dutch approval.

3. The Chicago administration is working on getting Stafford loans for SJSM but that will only be possible with an initial positive response from Netherlands’ education ministry.

Don’t quote me on this but this is what someone said and it was not discussed in the meeting. Someone told me that the Dutch government offered free land to SJSM on Bonaire to build a new campus from ground up but SJSM refused. I guess SJSM is not ready to expand to that level yet.

The schedule and the outline of the clinical semester was emailed to all of us. It’s not on the SJSM web site yet so I’m not going to post it. I’ll talk about in detail in a future post after they announce it officially but for now I’ll speak briefly about it. The AICM semester was added to increase the passing rate for SJSM students. As you know in SJSM in Bonaire, there are those who will go to a party every weekend (group 1), and there are those who will sit down with the books (group 2). Unfortunately there are more students who belong to the first group and small number of students who belong to the second group. In Chicago each student will be mentored and consulted and a study plan will be drown out for them. The study plan is basically revolved around rotations that will help them understand the medical concepts which they are weak in.

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  1. whats the validity of sjsm being conducive to an all indian enviroment? It seems to me that they are proving the carib med school stigma of all indian teachers with all indian students. I've seen some vids of a culture show. There doesn't seem to be much culture there. Merely indian kids jumping around trying to impress each other.

  2. You can't really say it's all Indians…the Cultural show had mostly South can't say they are all Indians…in the cultural show besides Indians they had Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans who are all South Asians…yes the teachers are mostly from India but what is your phobia about it..just study, pass the classes, and go back home after 16 months. Everyone is friendly if you just talk to them.

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