How Much Do Pathologists Make

First of all, what is a pathologist? A pathologist is someone who diagnoses, studies, and investigates disorders. Now pathologist basically studied cellular architecture under a microscope. A pathologist is often called “a doctor’s doctor” because when a doctor has a patient who needs his/her tissue looked at, the doctor goes to a pathologist.
How to be a Pathologist?
Obviously you have to have an MD first; a pathologist is a medical doctor. After 4 years in medical school, the pathologist must do three-years of residency and on top of that 1-2 years of fellowship; there are other subspecialties that require further years in training. According to my readings there are two types of pathology fields, anatomic pathology and clinical pathology, and each one has its share of differences.
How much does a pathologist make?
Ok, now for the good stuff. A pathologist gets a decent amount; the median salary is around $240,414. A small percentage gets nearly $276,829; in Atlanta-Georgia, a pathologist can make as a high as over $300,000. However, keep in mind factors such as years of experience plays a big role in salaries.

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